Friday, July 22

Book: Philosophy For Beginners, Richard Osborne

Another attempt at widening the range of books that I read (and impressing passser-bys on The Tube), this is a strange one. Half reference, half comic book, Philosophy chooses to be more of a historical analysis of the development of the subject rather than treating philosophy as a modern abstract topic.

I soon understood why though. The first point the book makes is that philosophy isn't actually well defined (much like consciousness previously), and so the only real way to approach the subject is to tackle it in the same way the big names of the past (and present) did.

Although it gets a bit heavy toward the end, the book does do a good job as an introduction to philosophy despite it's blurriness described above. I can't help feel unfulfilled however, but then I guess it was a bit of a reach to hope that a single book could give me a fix of such a complex and incomplete topic.