Saturday, July 23

Film: Wedding Crashers Click for more info

Hysterically funny comedy about a couple of guys who go around crashing weddings (funny that) in order to meet women. Inevitably one of the crashers (Owen Wilson) falls for his target and mayhem ensues - not least since the other (Vince Vaughn) has his hands tied up (if you've seen it already then bdum tish) with a obsessive and possibly psychotic ex-Home And Away actress. Fantastically politically incorrect but in a bearable way, this is possibly as close as you can get to American Pie for people with more than one braincell.

Philosophically it's great too. It claims that women are easy and shows how simple it is to manipulate... sorry no, I meant manoeuvre them. Now I'm not going to agree or disagree with that (this is but a film review, innit?), but anyone else would have been right to take notes. Play and talk with the young children and old grandmas to get the attention of a girl? You don't say. My only regret with this film is that it spells it out so clearly to its female audience.

Anyway. I have a wedding in Leicester to attend. Me whistles innocently.