Sunday, July 31

Plan Of Action

I think I need a fling or two before I go back home to get married; y'know for the sake of any future marriage I may have (see here).

I'm thinking a nice wholesome Hindu or Sikh girl (without being racist white girls are so last decade and I feel that as an Asian I should stick to and promote our own fantastic girls). Someone with standards, who doesn't just date anyone and even possibly someone who is also looking for a fling before their own arranged marriage.

Of course I should be careful to find someone who's NOT willing to convert, otherwise I might find myself in the sticky situation of actually having to marry them. Oh, and I won't tell them how they're just acting as a facilitator, because, well, it won't be an important factor in our relationship.

So? What do you all think? Unusually proactive, I know, but it's a sound plan of action I think...