Thursday, July 14


I think I'm in need of a catharsis. Any suggestions?

(Oh and just in case: Catharsis)


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  2. Errr Shak wants to release emotional tension.
    Why you gotta tells about it for man?
    Oh man I'm so childish...

  3. actually i think i should add that I taught Shak that word from my arty farty degree

    also 'Shakky' is a gaylord name. did u think of it all by ur ickle self? how clever of u.

    and... since when did owning tweezers make anyone cool? aren't they just a practical thing to own?

    although calling Shakil , shaksy is somewhat cooler don't u think? (for those of you who don't know, that would be dramatic irony)

  4. Come and lie down on my couch and tell me your darkest secrets (this coudl be fun)!! ;-)...and let me dwelve into your repressed emotions and tap into and interpret your dreams.