Tuesday, July 5

Dubai, Day Three: Getting Wet

After yesterday's events, and bearing in mind the quickly approaching end of the holiday (well for the guys anyway, who were to leave on Friday morning), we went back to The List of Things To Do In Dubai. The two major things left that we had to try were The Wild Wadi Waterpark and a desert safari.

The safari required 24 hours notice and so we arranged that for Day Four, which left Wild Wadi for today. So jumping in a cab, we made our way to Jumeirah home of the Burj Al-Arab hotel.

The park itself was pretty impressive (I suppose). Apart from the little body boarding pools and wave machine, the main attraction was this water slide thing where you sat in a tyre, get propelled up a chute (yes, I said up. I wish someone had told us; we spent ages looking for the stairs to go up) and then made our way down various water slides and the like. It doesn't sound too amazing, and to be honest it wasn't that super fantastic, but I've never been in anything like it so it was worth going.

The hotel itself was pretty impressive, and we had planned to go there for lunch but we didn't for two reasons: a) we had to book a reservation in advance, and b) we had to dress rather more smart than the shorts, trainers and chappal we were all in. Rather than pine to their pretentious requirements, we checked out the nearby Madinat Jumeirah shopping mall, and then took a cab to Diera City Centre for a Subway.

Dinner was spent in Pizza Hut. Meat on pizzas really are great, y'know.