Sunday, July 24

Leicester In "Not That Bad" Shocker!

Ok, I'll admit that I didn't really get to see much of the city (it's a city??), but the little that I did was pretty cool. I guess the first thing that hit me was how similar to certain parts of London it was. Despite that it was different - wider, more open and even cleaner than in fact.

The wedding itself was pretty nice and housed in the apparently "posh" venue of the Walker Stadium. It was pleasant enough but let down by awful logistics (we didn't eat till 10:30pm!) which was especially annoying since we had a two hour drive home afterward. It was another HBZ affair and so the usual suspects were all present and it was nice having another of our yearly catch ups (having said that, I've taken numbers down to try and improve on this situation). Oh and I will especially note the "intelligence" yesterday too. Nobody told me that Leicester was so "intelligent". It was definitely more "intelligent" than some of the weddings in London I've been to.

A booty call from she who will not be named (cough splutter) rounded off a nice evening. It's just a shame Leicester is so far away. Oh well.