Thursday, December 3


Shak says (09:49):
    i prefer staying in nowadays too
    although amybe i shouldnt say that to potentials
xxxx says (09:51):
    if she's the type who likes that
    just say it
    i dunnpo what you say to these girls when you meet them
    but let's be frank here
xxxx says (09:52):
    you wanna get married ...
    if you gotta be a little dishonest
    so be it
Shak says (09:52):
xxxx says (09:52):
    you think yyyy woudl have married me .. if i told her i was ***CENSORED***?
Shak says (09:52):
    well tbh... i dont tell them about that until the third meeting
xxxx says (09:52):
Shak says (09:52):
    oh crap
xxxx says (09:53):
    wait till they in a legally binding relationship!
    man .... no wonder you crashing and burning on the 3rd date!
    keep the sweet talking till sh'es said YES"
Shak says (09:54):
    hey man... nowadays... even that's too early. divorces are too damn easy
xxxx says (09:54):
    nah man ...
    all you gotta do .. is introduce her to one of your 'crazy' relatives
xxxx says (09:55):
    who always says in front of her how he'd kill anyone who betrays the family
Shak says (09:55):
    omg. it all makes sense. wait. let me write all this down...
xxxx says (09:56):
    it's not easy finding a wife .. you gotta do what you can to tip t he blance in your favour!
Shak says (09:57):
    i went on a PR training course the other weekend. maybe i should use some of the stuff i learned in that....


  1. What's wrong with staying in?! London is too expensive for people like me (i.e., perpetual students) to go out very often.

    I've faced many similar moments of rishta awkwardness when I've realized that I don't have much more to add to my list of extra-curricular activities, past: "sleeping, eating, watching TV, blogging... umm".

    And even when I do mention things like photography and video production, that can make things worse - if that's possible.

    Basically, I can't win.

    Although... it seems, the less I say at all, the better. I've had more positive results the few times that I just couldn't be bothered to engage in the conversation. (You've met me, so you know that something must be very wrong for that to happen). I think I came across as the demure type... AHEM.

  2. Anonymous22:49

    for someone who claims to prefer to stay in you are probably one of the most active outgoing people ive come across.