Friday, December 11

Pyaar Hai Click for more info

Yet another Asian theatre production asking what love is? Anyone would have thought that's all we want (and hey, maybe it is?). However since it was only a tenner I decided that it was worth the punt and went to check it out tonight.

To be honest, the most striking thing about the play was the audience. The already small drama studio was only half full, of which there were only three guys, two of which from the same party, one of which was me. Around six (so a quarter) left during the interval. Large scale this was not.

Still, I quite liked the cosiness of the stage and indeed play itself. Sure, it was yet another tale of the loser Indian guy not being able to commit to the cute-as-a-button naive damsel Ash, but the script was funny and a bit too clever for me at times and there was a definite charm to the whole thing; even if a part of it was us giving the leads a metaphorical pat on the head each time they forgot their lines. A couple of the actors were ace though - Ash's big sister outstripping the rest by quite a bit. And I'm not just saying that because she gave me her number during the play (don't worry, it was fake).

Sophisticated this was not, amateurish it most certainly was. But I had gone in with low expectations and perhaps enjoyed Pyaar Hai more than I should have because of that. Or maybe it was due to just how cute-as-a-button Ash was...