Monday, December 21

Abstruse Goose Click for more info

Abstruse Goose, once again keeping it real:

Not that I'd ever admit to having ever had the same reaction myself of course. Ahem.


  1. I've been browsing the website. The humour is really perculia...actually, not funny at all. Talking about Abtruse Goose that is, not Radio Shak >_<

  2. Its geeky techie humour, so of an acquired taste. Although come to think of it, I thought you were a geek too?

  3. *pe-cu-li-ar

    Well, maybe one or two skecthes were ok, like the converging sequence one. But with the rest I was still waiting for the punch line even when I understood the geekknowhow. Or maybe I am losing my 'geekiness' :o