Friday, December 18

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As time goes on the vibrancy and, well specialness of Rebel diminishes. Perhaps it's just the end of year blues or maybe we've just now seen it all, but tonight's Rebel was definitely lacking something.

There must have been a girl no older than 7 or 8 on the open mic who although awwww-inspiring and super-cute raised questions in my head about what she was doing there in the first place. The rest of it was okay, with two slots filled by the girls from Poetic.

The main line up was interesting enough: The hit for me was most definitely Fidel, a super talented and funny soul artist; I'm kicking myself for forgetting to buy his CD. Raggo Zulu Rebel was also fun if a bit loud, while the usual Muslim Belal and Saffia rounded off the line up (well what I stuck around to see - for the first time I had left a Rebel early). As an aside it's interesting to see just how many artists are dropping myspace for facebook when self-advertising on stage.

So a so-so evening but at least Makan was nice. And I must admit it was worth coming out just to see Fidel.

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