Thursday, December 10

New Music

Bhangra/Bollywood special!

Unforgettable - Imran Khan

An album that everyone's been waiting for since Ni Nachleh, and it's not too bad. Although it has some unique tracks it does get a bit samey after a while. My picks of the fifteen tracks are Amplifier, Aaja We Mahiya, Peli Waar, Chak Glass, Pata Chalega and Bewafa, but I think there's something for everyone here. It's a shame the wrong version of Ni Nachleh is on it.

The Streets of Bollywood 3 - Various

The third instalment in a possibly tired series (one and two here. Gosh I feel old), once again the majority of tracks being produced by Kami K. I'm sure a couple more will grow on me but It Can Only Be Love is currently doing the rounds.

Rishte Naate - De Dana Dan

Another one of those romantic group hug songs you're supposed to listen to while all loved up. Yes, I love it.

Paisa - De Dana Dan

Luckily the above is balanced by this poptastic track.

Shukran Allah - Kurbaan

Is liking this blasphemous? But anyway here's my second Bolly ballad for today...

Kurbaan Hua - Kurbaan

...once again balanced by a less soppy song, this time rock.

Kya Karoon feat Blitzkrieg - Gunjan

A bit of fun with the mischievous Gunjan doing her thing. I don't hold much hope for her forthcoming album though.

Udhi Udhi Iteffaq Se - Paa

Although it reminds me something I'd hear while riding a lift it's pleasant enough. There's actually three versions on the OST, one of which is sung by a bloke.

Nai Jeena feat Reetu - Nirmal Sidhu

Classic ballad Punjabi duet.

Nachdi De feat Angrej Ali - Aman Hayer

I feel I owe Aman Hayer an eternal following due to Tharti Hilde, still one of my favourite tracks of this decade. The downside is that nothing seems to come close, but this isn't too disappointing. I'll be watching the rest of his album of the same name.

Nach Billo feat Rishi Rich & Mumzy Stranger - Malkit Singh

More classic bhangra, and featuring even more Mumzy (he gets around, eh?).

Saajanji Vaari Vaari - Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd

Going a few years back now, here's that fun track from a film I never got to see.


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