Monday, December 7

Game: Left 4 Dead 2 (PC) Click for more info

An almost too-fast nine months after I played the first co-op zombie FPS comes its follow up. It's more of the same really: you and three other humans battle it out as a team to get through a horde of zombies to relative safety.

As its a sequel we have more guns, more bad guys, and bigger levels. We even have melee weapons now, the best of which is a limited fuelled chainsaw. Although these bring with them a new art to dispatching the undead it soon becomes clear that throwing bullets at them really fast is a much safer way of doing things.

But ultimately it seems that bigger isn't better as the simplicity which made the first game such a joy gets trodden upon. For example, I'm now not sure which weapon I like the best, what their relative merits are which to use in what situation; of course you're still limited in the same way (only one gun I'm afraid) so picking the right equipment becomes even more vital.

But at the end of the day what makes L4D2 a winner is that it brings new campaigns, each full of drama and fun (leaving your team mates in the lurch for the waiting boat/helicopter never gets old), and for that reason all the other superfluous additions can be forgiven. To be honest I still don't understand why this couldn't have been done with L4D, but hey, I only paid 16 quid with it in a recent Steam sale so I'm not too bummed out.

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