Thursday, December 24

Film: Planet 51 Click for more info

Amusing animation reversing the roles in a classic B-movie; here, it's the humans "invading" a planet, with the aliens, or rather natives, terrified for their lives. Unlike that other film about humans mixing it up with aliens the stress is less on White Guilt and more on local heroism, although there is a bit of the former anyway. I guess overall it's a decent way to introduce the dangers of seeing the unfamiliar as "The Other".

Well animated and scripted, it's actually the homages the film pays to the previous which brings the most entertainment. It'd be too spoilerific to list them all, but my favourite was in regards to what the natives keep as pets.

Apart from these references the film did seem quite adult to me; there was at least one phallic joke which although tame did raise an eyebrow. But still the film was pretty enjoyable, although mercifully short. Recommended, but maybe only on DVD.

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