Sunday, December 6

Film: The Box Click for more info

I'm still not sure whether I liked Donnie Darko or not. I think I got it, or at least had my own interpretation of it, which I gather was part of the point. Whatever the case, there's no doubt that it was an engaging film which made you think instead of doing the thinking for you.

The Box has been brought to us by the same director and bears more than a few similarities to Donnie. It's weird yet engaging, both qualities increasing at an almost exponential rate throughout the film. Where it differs from Donnie is how a lot of it is explained away by a fairly rational plot, something paradoxically both adds and subtracts from the film. I reckon it'll will split audiences actually.

But weird plots aside the film was well made and well performed by those in it. I don't think I'll remember it past tonight so in terms of impact it didn't really, but while I was watching it I did enjoy it. Not essential, but recommended all the same.

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