Friday, December 18

Food: Touareg Grill Click for more info

Although I had originally been for an iftar this Ramadhan, I didn't think it was right to review it back then since it was so much of a rush job (oh and okay, I forgot). Luckily I had a chance to go their place in Leytonstone this evening with fifteen others (a good test of a restaurant's hospitality) and it turned out to be quite a nice place.

Avoiding the tangine I had last time (what with my meat-on-the-bone phobia) I stuck to their grill menu - I was glad that I did because my Algerian Sausage Sandwich Thing was actually quite good. My pastry starter was equally nice, if a bit small but overall there was no complaints on the food front. I was even allowed to swap my included drink for three chicken wings.

My whole meal cost less than six quid, a veritable bargain, but where Touareg really shone was vibe. Although we had exclusive use of both tables in the basement, the fifteen or so of us there managed to squeeze around just the one, quite cosily and comfortably, and most importantly in a circle so we could all see each other. It sounds simple but not many places allow for such accessibility and as such Touareg is the perfect place for impromptu and low maintenance dinner parties. It helps that the food isn't too bad too! Recommended.

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    I get the impression that for you your reviews are more about your writing skills rather than the review itself