Thursday, August 23

Three Years On, Still Going On Strong (Kinda)

So once again I personify this collection of posts by granting them a birthday. Pretty silly if you ask me, especially seeing how I refuse to acknowledge my own. However instead of celebrating, I think I need to apologise a bit.

Writing-wise, it's been a pretty tough year. I'll go further, and say that the content of late has been pretty poo. Basically the issue is that of time. I guess it's a good thing that I've finally gotten myself one of "life" things people keep telling me about, and that I do more in my week than I have time to write about. It's certainly not a lack of inspiration if my draft folder is anything to go by.

Since they're more time-sensitive, my reviews and journal entries are getting written, but I don't think they were what really drew people to read Radio Shak. The lack of what I label as opinion posts seem to be affecting my hit count - the regular 1500+ hits a week I was getting a few months ago haven't really been seen since.

If I want to take my writing seriously, then I guess I have to make it a priority. Whether this actually happens or not, I don't know: I certainly plan on taking affirmative action if only to slog through those posts lying in my drafts.

But hey, Radio Shak is still here in some form, which I hope is still saying a lot. I just hope that next year I'll be back on form; it'll be a shame if not, because even if no one else misses what this place was, I certainly do.