Thursday, August 23

Things That Pee Me Off #10: People Yawning On Trains

Of course I have nothing against yawning itself - as someone who receives much less sleep than he should I yawn as much as anyone else.

No, it's those who yawn without covering their mouths that annoy me. Don't they care that everyone else can see almost all the way down their throats? They almost resemble the monkeys and apes who yawn on television nature programmes.

There isn't a single type of person who does it either - old or young, man or woman, suit or casual. They all do it, and with respect to an attractive girl on the train there's nothing more off putting than her showing off her fillings.

I realise that this is a small thing really, but it's an even smaller task to raise your hand over your mouth. More than the view, it's the lack of consideration that irritates me. It seems that people are becoming less and less aware that there are others around them - it's why there are so many bad drivers out there, so much litter and so much general selfishness on the street.

But for now, just cover your mouths please!