Sunday, August 5

The London Eye

Over seven years after it opened for the Millennium, I finally got a chance to ride The London Eye. Of course, it was a typical case of it not-going-anywhere that stopped me checking it out before, but I had a friend over from Canada who finally provided the ideal excuse to buy a ticket. And perhaps its because of this anticipation that I found it all so... disappointing.

We had a beautiful day and visibility was pretty high; I didn't quite get to see Windsor (although it is possible apparently), but I found the new Wembley Stadium and beyond. I made out the famous parks and landmarks too and it was surreal to see how everything related to each other from that perspective. I've put some piccies up on my Picasa.

But I dunno. I've been flying a lot recently and have managed to get better views while landing at Heathrow so perhaps it's just that I've managed to have seen it all before? It seemed to drag a bit too; you only need five minutes or so in each compass direction before getting bored, and I realised afterwards that both my friend and I didn't actually look out of the capsule much at all on the way back down. A shame really.

So yes, it is one less thing I need to do now, but also something I don't think I'll ever need to do again. At least it's relatively cheap though.

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