Sunday, August 26

Film: Heyy Babyy Click for more info

A bit of an oddball here; after managing to condense most of Three Men and a Baby's slapstick elements in the first fifteen minutes, Akshay Kumar and the gang manage to present something that actually manages to entertain.

So what we have here is a comedy of sorts, with the serious business kicking in later when the inevitable issues of maternity crop up. It's a pretty straightforward premise though - possibly a bit too simple as the makers decide to make things a bit more surreal in order to flesh the framework out. At risk of spoiling the film I won't spell these out for you, except to say that the three main male protagonists get a bit too close during this film.

Surprisingly, Vidya Balan gives a bit of a weak performance, but manages to look good while doing so anyway. Location was poignant; it was set in Sydney and it was good seeing it again (even though some bits were in Brisbane. But that's okay since I had been there too). The music was nothing to scream about, but on the bright side there were only three or four songs anyway.

But Heyy Babyy is genuinely funny (and the audience were clearly amused tonight) and overall pretty good and solid, if lacking in any real substance.

Oh and yes, that opening video was worth the asking price alone.