Saturday, August 18

Film: The Bourne Ultimatum Click for more info

Bourne is back, and doing exactly what he's supposed to do. If points were awarded to films for being original then Ultimatum gets zero since it's more or less exactly the same as the last two.

But originality is an overrated concept really, particularly with films this good. So you have the same high pace, the same bone-crunching fight scenes and the same deep yet accessible plot - and if I have one criticism of this episode of the series it's that it doesn't really further the world of Bourne that much. But that's irrelevant to a set-up that impresses to this level; you can see where the latest attitude of Bond stems from.

For those of you who didn't like Supremacy's shaky-cam it's still present here, but even a long time opponent to the style in other films I didn't notice it much during the course of this flick. Speaking of Supremacy, the story here is highly coupled with that of the second instalment - in fact I'd suggest all to watch the last two as a refresher before you do Ultimatum.

Consistently brilliant, engaging and ultimately (hur hur) great fun to watch, Supremacy can't be anything else but recommended to be seen. It's just a darned shame that this is the third of the trilogy, 'cos quite frankly it's left me wanting even more.