Wednesday, August 1

New Music

The Touch - Stan Bush

Obviously stricken by the recent viewing of the live action movie, I just had to dig up the three big hits from the OST of the motion picture from the eighties. And you know what? Each time I hear this, I can imagine Optimus Prime rolling into battle.

Dare - Stan Bush

Here, I see Daniel and Hot Rod.

The Transformers (Theme) - Lion

And here, I see the intro. Isn't poignancy fun?

Lights Surrounding You - Evermore

The result of further exposure to 97.3 Brisbane, here's even more ballad-rock-blah to add to my play list.

4 In The Morning - Gwen Stefani

You know, I actually don't think I even like this song. And yet I need to have it on tap. I'm sure I'll tire of it sooner rather than later.

Roll It Gal - Alison Hinds feat. Juggy D

Dug out from The Rishi Rich Project, this is currently doing the rounds on the radio. Not quite a classic but a tune all the same.

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