Sunday, August 5

BBQ in South London

A few friends of mine (siblings) hold a BBQ at their parents place in South London each year. I've been lucky enough to have been invited since I've known them (and you can read about last year's here), and had been looking forward to today for a while now.

This time, the hosts had decided to place it Saturday night. Given that this was last year's biggest grievance for me (having to leave early) it turned out to be an ace decision as we partied till late. The gorgeous weather held out, the food was plentiful (although, once again, the chicken decided to bottle up the flow - when will people learn that kebabs and burgers are the way to go?) and the crowd was varied and interesting.

As usual, it seemed that some from the East (including myself) were having a bit too much fun exclusively in the little corner marquee they had managed to appropriate and hole up in. I refuse to recognise this as a clique though: we were welcoming to all and sundry, but I guess we enjoy the company of each other enough not to need to look for any one else. Still, I managed to flit around a bit at least and met a few new people.

Despite the fun and games, we were able to stop for a big garden Maghrib jamaat (something we didn't quite manage last year due to the rain) which was a nice touch. I commented afterwards about how something like this, with the contrasting themes, didn't happen ten or even five years ago and still doesn't in places that describe themselves as progressive or globally aware. I even went as far as saying it could be a uniquely London thing.

A triple birthday topped off what was an ace evening out that felt like it was over way too soon. As I said last year, I can't wait for 2008's.