Friday, August 31

Film: Knocked Up Click for more info

In one word, gratuitous. Gratuitous swearing, gratuitous imagery and gratuitously funny. That's Knocked Up.

Guy meets girl in bar, they have a one night stand and the latter falls pregnant. However the upcoming birth merely provides a scenario and universe for some very funny characters to live in for the two hours or so in which this film runs.

It's kinda like a montage of scenes which don't really add anything to the already loose plot. Heck, I'm not even sure if these people started with a script since it all seems so random and improvised.

There's just bags of fun on offer here; so much so that I didn't even care. I think I missed quite a bit of the film because I was laughing so much. A warning though: like all good comedy, Knocked Up pushes the boundaries of what's acceptable, and some might find it a bit strong or off-putting because of that. Give this a miss if you get offended easily.

But yes, I enjoyed this a lot. Recommended... But don't blame me if you get totally grossed out by this film.

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  1. Anonymous14:38

    Did u see the part where she was crowning.. Ew!