Saturday, August 11

Film: Cash Click for more info

Clearly inspired by the likes of Dus and Dhoom, Cash once again brings the wham bam thank you maam style of Bollywood action that's been hitting our screens a bit too often lately.

Except this time it goes a bit too far. Ludicrously so. As each incredibly insane stunt and set piece is delivered to the audience, you start to realise that this is exactly what Cash is about. Don't look for anything more than action porn here folks, 'cos there's certainly no plot to be seen - more than that since some scenes seemed to have been inserted just for the hell of it.

In fact some bits just plain don't make sense - obviously put in for the sake of it. It's like they ran out of money half way through and so decided to edit it in a way to make it completely different to how it was meant to be.

Still there were some positives, namely Shamita Shetty, Dia Mirza, Ayesha Takia and Esha Deol (and in that precise order). But as much as I enjoyed this particular aspect of this film it wasn't enough to redeem it as a whole; in fact it just went to prove further that this was just masses of eye candy and nothing more.