Saturday, July 15

Orange Shop == Pretty Asian Girl

Being the observant guy I am as well as a BIG fan of Orange phones I can't help but notice how most of the Orange Shops in London seem to have a token pretty Asian assistant (or Phone Trainer as they like to call them) on shift at any arbitrary point in time. Crazy huh? But it's true.

For instance I've been passing the Canary Wharf branch on a regular basis for, oooh, a good five years now (y'know, to check out the latest in phone technology) and there has been, without exception, a pretty Asian girl at the till, on the floor, or lingering around in the back every time. It's not always the same girl, but they have always been a) Asian and b) pretty.

I find it very interesting actually. I mean there must be a reason behind this esoteric pattern. Are Orange a good employer of pretty Asian girls? Are there socio-political reasons that makes Orange an obvious choice for pretty Asian girls? Is it all just a clever hiring policy to capture the Asian male demographic? I refuse to believe it's just luck; it's so consistently true that it could be a fundamental law of the universe.

Of course, to check that it's not just a coincidence I am forced to continue to visit as many Orange Shops as I can. Maybe it is a perfect rule, or maybe I'm yet to find that single Orange Shop that will finally break this law. Either way, it's lucky I have all those lovely phones to have a look at while I'm there, huh?

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  1. wife shopping while phone shopping..genius! :P