Friday, July 21

It is Wrong to Rate Women on a Scale of One to Ten

And I'm sure many of you will agree.

For a start, it's complicated and slow. It kinda takes all the fun out of rating, since you have to actually think and assess before giving an almost arbitrary figure. It's also non-instinctive and therefore possibly inaccurate. And practically, it serves little purpose. I mean it's not like you'll ever have so many women spread so widely across a scale that it actually makes a difference that one is an 7 while the other a 6. The scale is also biased toward the middle, and so places a disproportionate emphasis on the tails. So no, I reject this ten point scale.

Instead, I suggest a three tier system. In the early days of development it was to give an A, B or C class but seeing as that's still pretty anonymous it has been restructured to a more intuitive Yes, No and Maybe. It's so simple, I'm positive that I don't even have to explain it any further.

Hopefully once this becomes popular we can get back to enjoying the pure spirit of ranking, instead of wrestling with the red tape and bureaucracy the old deprecated scale had to offer.
I, of course, will be doing my part and promoting the use of the new system by example. It's the least I can do after all.


  1. but even for the yes, no and maybe rating, you have to have certain axiomatic rules that are non-instinctive. i think 1-10 can be thought of as a more granular version of a yes, no, maybe scale if you look at it from a different perspective. so, in summary, each to their own! :P

  2. Shaaz : A,B or C??? i wonder .. i really do..

    i personally think its just a stupid act of shallowness to be ranking people, if that were the case and everyone was secretly in their minds ranking people could you imagine how they'd rank you huh shak?.. tut tut..

    then again, when i am bored.. sitting with my girls at a cafe, I'm guilty of doing it myself.. watching the crossing padestrians.. rating each of them whether they'd be worthy of my attention.. hmm.. quite sad isnt it..

    but overall.. its not good.. hmmph!

  3. U boys are nuts! A buncha guys in my class made up a "Top 10 List" of girls...sheesh. but i guess in the end, there's nothing wrong w/ a rating scale. I know i'm guilty of it :P


    ~ madiha ~