Monday, July 10

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If only for the frightening speed in which it has been put together.

For the record, I was gutted when France lost last night and think all Italian footballers are gay.

Thanks to Roh for the link.

EDIT: And they just keep coming... No points for guessing the game.


  1. what were u sayin babe?.. go the blues?? yeah thats goes.. GO THE BLUES.. haha.. told uuuuuuuu soooooooooooooooooo huni bunch.. but the headbutt was classic i must say.. and i started feeling ure pain in the 2nd half.. but nope my brazil/portugal stands even tho both got eaten.. never mind.. next time huh .. x

  2. err i shud really take ure advice and read b4 posting na.. typo's anyway u get me so thats all tht matters.. :S