Sunday, July 16

The ICSS BBQ, 2006

Today, ICSS held its annual end of term BBQ.

It was as close a perfect "mass" BBQ as you can get, really. The food was fast and flowing (and blummin' tasty) so there was no waiting, the kids (and adults) were kept busy with the bouncy castle, five-a-side and rollerblading and the guests were turning over at a rate of knots. It was partly down to having good circumstances, but mainly a testament to damned good management getting everything and everyone to flow so nicely.

Most of us were there for seven hours (and some even longer) but the heat, tired feet, sore backs and mental drainage were worth every minute. I think many left floating on that unmistakable high you get after being responsible for such an occasion.

As an aside, it's also been a year[1] since I joined the existing volunteers at ICSS, and it's clear that some roots have taken, erm, root over that time. For example, although I may not contribute as much as the other amazing people there, I do feel a bit disrupted now that we're closed for the summer hols. And those who had left since I initially joined (so not that long ago, really) are now disconcertingly considered "old school" (bdum tish) when they return to visit us as some did today. I even felt a bit poignant when two more left today.

I guess it all means that I'm a part of something pretty important. Something to be proud of.

My first year flew by, and the next six weeks that we are closed for will pass by quickly too after which my second year with ICSS will start. The last twelve months have been interesting - overtly in terms of just taking part but also in other, more inherent, aspects associated with it (including the fantastic friends made, the pretty demanding and hectic social circle formed and the physical changes seen at the school itself) and even the things internal to myself. If I've changed over the last year a lot of it may be explained by my involvement with the ICSS.

I wonder what the next year will bring? I guess I'll be in a position to say at the next annual ICSS end of term BBQ. My stomach is growling already... I can't wait.

[1] Well a year and one lesson to be precise, but who's counting?

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  1. Anonymous12:32

    Haven't heard of ICSS, but sounds a nice org. Keep up the good work.