Tuesday, July 11

Game: Final Fantasy IV Advance (GBA) Click for more info

Now here's a game that brings back memories. I never got to play FFIV when it was released on the SNES, but I did sit through some of it at that time with a friend who was playing it during the summer holidays. If I had known back then I'd be giving it a go first hand almost ten years later, and that on something that even resembled a DS, well, I'd have been very surprised indeed.

But I digress. FFIV is regarded by many as being one of the best RPGs, ever. Yes, even better than FFVII. Like I said I've not played it and so I look forward to deciding whether or not it tops my personal favourite, The Secret of Mana, which was also released on the SNES. Please give me a second while I reminisce.

Ok, I'm back. As this is an RPG I can't really do more than state the obvious at such an early stage in the game. I've only played 29 minutes, but so far the story is gripping, the presentation is endearing (and totally wipes away any expectations of CGI cutscenes or Dolby Surround you might have) and the interface is spot on to the point where you can play it blind.

Oh yes, I look forward to the next twenty hours or so with this one. In fact, I can't wait to get on the train right now so I can play.

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  1. wuts up w/ all u boys and video games? i just dont get the hype, and plus, they're so complicated nowadays..wut happ'd to like nice, normal games like Donkey Kong? :O