Wednesday, July 26

Chewing Gum

I've started chewing gum.

It's mainly for dental hygiene reasons, which is pretty ironic since I'm not a lazy person when it comes to teeth (as those who have witnessed my twice daily dental regime will know). Yet I seem to have developed some weird staining recently; I obviously have weak saliva.

Anyway, it also keeps my breath fresh and makes me look cool. Result. I hate regularly biting my inner cheek though, but I'm sure I can get over that with practise.


  1. that staining has been around for some time now.

    don't swallow the chewing gum like i do :(

  2. u knw wut like totally works? Brushing ur teeth w/ a mixture of 2 tblsps of baking soda & one tblspn of salt. I use that thingy 2x a day (b4 toothpaste cuz its kinda salty) and it was wut my grandpa used all his life.

    ~ ws...madiha :)

    oh btw..i always get compliments on mah pearly whites, so u mite wanna really try it out ;)

  3. Anonymous23:01

    Iron and certain vitamins in excess can cause it and don't brush too hard.

    loool. Great advice Madiha.