Thursday, July 20

Losing My Amazoginity

I reckon since being able to, I've always read more than the average Joe does. Furthermore, having to use the Tube for two hours each day for the past ten years has also given me a chance to get into a regular habit of daily reading (although lately the DS.Lite has messed that up). In other words, I like to think of myself as one who appreciates books. Be it fiction or non, fantasy or thriller, I just can't get enough of having to turn pages.

Despite this pseudo-love I have for books I don't actually own that many. The reason is due to my phobia of building any kind of collection. I mean, they take up space and resources and chances are they won't do anything other than gather dust for 90% of their time under your ownership. It's why I don't own any CDs or DVDs either, or almost always dispose of any videogame collection I may build.

University was supposed to shake me out of this habit, especially after seeing the library my brother had created during the time at his. He had studied Psychology and so had cool sounding titles like "In the Killer's Mind" and "Child Psychology - An Introduction" to boast about. However, when I realised I'd have a bookshelf full of things like "Operating Systems I", "Java in a Nutshell" and "Design Patterns for the 90s", the opposite happened and I ended up actively avoiding buying books instead, and so ended up with none. Which, considering how I did at Imperial, is pretty impressive in itself.

So, no; I don't buy books. Instead, I borrow them from friends, family and libraries (the one at SOAS being amongst my favourites), consume them, and then give them back in order to move onto the next. As a result, I had ended up being in the unique position of being the only guy on this planet[1] never to have ordered a book from Amazon. I've ordered videogames from them, and almost even a DVD player, but never anything with pages.

But that's all changed now. My first book from Amazon was delivered this morning. It's not about anything particularly exciting but it is something I was required to read and that no one else had to lend me. And now that that mental barrier has been breached, I can see myself ordering more and more. Missing out on a book I'm interested in 'cos no one I know has it will now be a thing of the past, and perhaps I'll even end up with a bookshelf to be proud of?

[1] May be an exaggeration.