Saturday, July 15

Film: Superman Returns Click for more info

Unlike other modern sequels, Superman Returns gives those that remember the originals exactly what they want and borrows heavily from the series of the eighties. The imagery is still there, the music is so still there, Lois is still a bitch and they even got us a Reeve lookalike to play the Man of Steel himself.

But Superman Returns manages to be fresh and compelling for an audience of the 21st Century too; a politically correct Superman now fights for truth and justice (but no longer the American way). There are few dull moments and the plot is simple and seemingly present for sole reason of allowing Superman to do his thing. Good stuff.

There were problems though: the film wasn't as funny or in-jokey as the previous ones, and a overall good set up was spoiled by some weird story arcs. But these weren't fatally bad points and the film manages to power through its failings.

I liked it. Go watch!

EDIT: And does Kate Bosworth have the best movie feet ever, or what?


  1. I liked it. Go watch!

    yes sir

  2. Saw it on sunday. Not as good as the old superman movies and this comparison between old and new reminded me of star wars, where the old star wars was great and then came the phantom menace which wasnt all that. Mind you the FX were better as one would expect and the aeroplane scene was good. Oh and the soundtrack still being there and the audio qulity making it sound better was good.

    I should have waited till wednesday for this one, taken a friend, used an orange '2 for 1' voucher and spilt the costs not that im being a cheapskate here!