Wednesday, July 26

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I popped down to ExCeL (man, that's difficult to type) on the way home to check out the 2006 British International Motor Show today. To be honest, I'm struggling to say anything about it and the more I think about it. All the Japanese manufacturers were disappointing (although Toyota's Aygo was interesting), and there wasn't really anything new and jaw dropping (although the XKR did come close).

Still I only paid a fiver (after 5pm), and it was worth going for a couple of hours after work. Thankfully it was half deserted so I managed to see everything with relative ease - pics here.

So what was my car of the show? Well it was going to be one of the DB9s (The Vanquish suddenly looks very dated), but I think I'll have to go with the Z4 M Coupe. As a fan of the Z3 equivalent this might not be surprising, but there's something about this iteration that makes it even more alluring.

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  1. Salaam brother -

    One of my relatives bought a Z4: it's got better curves than the Z3 but what a huge bonnet! What's all that about, because there's absolutely incongruous legroom inside. Also, there's the cheap and nasty side indicator lights with those gregarious BM logos "stuck" on them, like they don't belong. And the interior is so girly. Yack.