Sunday, November 13

Warning: Morbid Post Ahead

Although I wasn't too concerned about having been admitted into hospital, the place obviously made me think about life, mortality and whether I would die a virgin. Not because of the weekend's events, no, but in this busy world one can so easily fall under a bus, be involved in an air accident or fall into an industrial sized meat grinder. Ok, maybe not that last one but you see what I mean.

And of course, I don't mean that virgin thing literally. Well ok I maybe I do, but I'm also talking about everything that goes with a deep, full and meaningful relationship. I mean I've managed to do quite a bit in my life, perhaps even more than a lot of others. But a human's life is finite and it's impossible for everyone to experience everything or even just the things they want to. And I'm not even saying that everyone deserves to get what they want, just that it might suck for them if they didn't.

But hey. I'm sure when everything comes to an end we'll have bigger things to worry about.


  1. thats depressing.

  2. You know what SHAK.. Its all Bout the BARFI!..u know u want it.. :p:p

  3. more food mentioned, whats wrong with you people ??? and this was supposed to be morbid and more down my street! ;-)

    Anyway Shakil, i think you should tell your friend that telling me you had a car accident and totally crushed your leg is seriously not funny! Apart from giving me almost heart failure i was feeling really bad for you too, and we can't be having that. :-P

    xxxmwahxxx.... wheather you like it not... i gather its not, but ha! mwah mwah mwah mwah... what you going to do about it ? oh and one more. xxxxmwahxxxx


  4. glad to hear the rash is clearing up. be more careful in future.

  5. Hmm... not morbid enough. Think of it this way its probably the most exciting thing thats happened to you all year. Glass half full and all that.