Wednesday, November 30


xxxx says: salam
xxxx says: im missing yyyy
xxxx says: lol
Shak says: ngapls..... we dont need women
xxxx says: yeah
xxxx says: especially ones that dont let us down
xxxx says: ngapls ?
Shak says: nevermind.... even ones that dont let us down... dont need any of them
xxxx says: but how would life be without them
Shak says: we're doing ok as we are right???
xxxx says: yes
xxxx says: and marriage is a fard not a sunnah
Shak says: see we've been brainwashed into thinking we need a partner etc....
xxxx says: i mean not a fard but a sunnah
Shak says: exactly! im not agasint marraige... but better to stay single than to marry the worng person right??
xxxx says: yes i agree
Shak says: hi five!!!
xxxx says: what that
Shak says: hi five... innit. bachelors for life
xxxx says: yeah


xxxx says: bro u 100% serious about not getting married
Shak says: uhhh. yeh. sure. erm. are you?
xxxx says: no to be honest
Shak says: jebus
xxxx says: that dont mean i diagree qith a lot of what u said
Shak says: you coulda said that before
Shak says: ok fine. i'll get married. but only cos of you man.


  1. Shak says: ok fine. i'll get married. but only cos of you man..

    and let there be Light ... Tis all bout the BARFI baby! .. ngapls u so want to get married!!, bachelor for life.. pssshh whatever... docile hijaban village woman.. hmmm r u sure u dint see any in saud/pak!!??

  2. cant believe he didnt knw what ngapls was!!!

    ngapls youre dying to get married, the more you deny it, the more apparent it is :p

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  4. lol@xxx.

    and miss shaz baby: you big time number one flirt! chii

  5. last time I checked a snippet wasn't a passage