Tuesday, November 1

Channel Hopping

The last time I visited Pakistan they had a total of 6-7 channels ranging from news to The Cartoon Network. This time, although the place I'm staying at had not television at all, there are now a good 60 odd channels available to those that subscribe. MTV, Channel V, two pretty good movie channels, Sony, SET Max and two B4Us are amongst the choice now. And all for 200 rupees a month? Bargain.

Faced with this choice has made me realise how much of a channel hopper I am. I can't just sit on one channel without knowing what is showing on the others, just in case there is something more interesting to watch. I'll even switch over something I'm thoroughly enjoying just to make sure I'm not missing out on other things.

Does that make me fussy? Am I the kind of guy who needs to check all of his options to be totally satisfied? It's not possible to always explore every choice, so will I ever be content?

Am I even talking about television anymore?

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  1. lol.. just before i read ur last question, i was thinking 'hes so not talking bout tv channels anymore lol'..

    hmmm.. now thats something to think about.. i mean i do the same with channels.. flick thru them all and check all the timings so analyse wich is best lol.. does that make me shallow =|..

    haww.. i do hope that channel-hopping does indeed mean one likes to experience a variety of channels.. and not anything else lol.

    this is gonna play on my mind now cos its just one of those questions =|