Saturday, November 26

Film: Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire Click for more info

The best Harry Potter movie yet? Well apparently, but I'm not convinced. It was really good and polished and had good scenes and a good story... However it lost major points for skipping so many pivotal moments in the book. I mean, what, no Sphinx??

Of course it was always going to be tough squeezing Rowley's biggest HP book into the same 2.5 hours as the last few. The thing is, as I've explained before about this brilliant series, is that every page of the book counts toward the story. Like a good mystery, the reader is able to figure out the end if they want to. However, the film cuts too many out for the viewer to do the same.

So no, at best this was just as good as the past three films. Which isn't a bad thing. And hey, if it happens to be the most accessible of the four for those who aren't particular bothered about HP, then that's no bad thing either.

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