Monday, November 14

Security Blanket

Since I'm officially ill and all that, tradition dictates that I'm supposed to lounge in front of the television wrapped up in a blanket. Nothing unusual about that, except I just realised that the blanket I use for this purpose has been mine for almost all of my life:

It's purple and pink (of course) and synthetic. It's also way too small for me now. But that hasn't stopped me from sleeping with it every day (that I'm at home at least) for the past 25 plus years. And like me, it's showing it's age; it's only my love for this blanket that has made it last this long.

Now, I'm not a hoarder and I'm not usually sentimental about material objects in this way. I wouldn't even describe it as a security blanket (despite the title above). On the other hand I wouldn't voluntarily give it up and I certainly will not allow particular nephews to inherit it (while I'm still breathing anyway), so there must be some kind of attachment there.

Weird eh?