Friday, November 4

Eid Half Time Report

I've just come back from Jummah and am knackered as hell. After failing to get an early night, we had to wake up for Fajr as usual after two hours sleep. However instead of hitting the sack after that we had to attend the Eid salaat.

It was the first time I've prayed in an Eidgah (a field specifically set aside for Eid salaat), but it was a wonderful experience; I've never read with that many people before, around two thousand or so. It was also surprising how punctual it was - they said we'd start at 745am and 745am it was. In the UK we'd delay at least 15 minutes.

After that we decided to visit the graveyard as is traditionally done on Eid day. This is where my grandmother had been buried, although I had already been to see her this trip. However this visit was tainted by the horrendous traffic coming in and out of the graveyard - typical Pakistani mentality and lack of organisation made it chaos.

Then we went on to do the whole family visits thang. This isn't something we get to do in the UK since we don't have much family there, and it was nice doing the rounds with quickfire ten minute visits to all the relatives.

Oh and on a final note... The girls have definitely been out today. I knew Karachi girls were hot, but I didn't realise how much till today. Woot.