Saturday, November 5

Eid Full Time Report

After Jummah I went to see a few other relatives after finally coming home to shower before heading off to another chacha's house for Eid Dinner.

All my dad's siblings and their families (bar one) were there. This equates to around 150 people and it was very busy and packed and is something I'd never experience back in the UK. Totally random it was like each room in the house (and of course the roof) was a mini party of its own.

Despite the amazing evening I did feel that there was something missing. I think that I was expecting more of a buzz or vibe on the streets of Karachi - like Green Street but bigger yet more decent. Sea View and Clifton were probably alive in this way but we didn't get a chance to visit these places; the guys usually do all that on the day after Eid. And for those who are not keeping track that's the day I go home.