Wednesday, November 23

Things That Pee Me Off #41: Ever Changing Mobile Numbers

hey guys how are yous
right this is very important information
ok i have to lines now one for you t-moliers and one voda
i have an orange sim to recieve calls only ok
t-mobile 07xxxxxxxxx
vodafone 07xxxxxxxxx
orange 07xxxxxxxx
for those orange users send me a sms and ill switch the sims
ok thats the last number change i promise

I mean wtf? Hey look I'm all for redundancy but this is the second time this week that someone has given me an alternative number on which to call them. Not only that, but it's like they were doing me (and the many others they probably spammed) a favour by gracing us with yet another set of digits to store and manage.

Now, I understand someone having to change their number under certain circumstances (and no, getting a free phone and/or texts IS NOT one of them. Cheap ass), but doing it often and then for a trivial reason is both selfish and inconvenient - suppose my next of kin has an old number of yours for emergencies that suddenly doesn't work when needed? And do you really think it's better for fifty people to change their numbers than for you to spend a few extra pennies? Here's a clue: It's not.

Oh and doing it just so you can receive free evening minute booty calls from your new boif/goif isn't a justification either. If you're talking that much with them then you should be using a landline anyway. Or be married. Better still, dump them; why are you going out with someone that cheap anyway?

So do me a favour. Get a number and stick with it please. I don't want to check the time, date or phase of the moon to figure out which number I need to dial to get into contact with you. Maybe that's lazy but hey. Oh, and the first person to claim that I don't call anyway gets a slap. That's not the point.