Friday, November 4

OK Everyone: I'm Not Engaged

So it's Eid. And I'm still not engaged to be married. And here's why:

  • As explained before there were no girls arranged beforehand for me to visit.
  • Apparently ten days is way too short to arrange anything on the fly. This is so even though a friend of mine did it and got married to boot in six days.
  • It being Ramadhan doesn't help.
  • The three of us actually massively totally absolutely suck at this marriage thing. Scrap the above. This is the only reason that counts really.

But this is good, see. This trip has finally made us all realise we have a problem here, and now that we've admitted that much we can now try to tackle it.

And so my folks have said that they'll try harder back in the UK. And I will too - online matrimonials will be revisited, leads chased and new friends made like mad. And if all this sounds desperate, it might just be 'cos we are. But again, that seems to no longer be something to be ashamed of.

Jeez. Don't you all just hate hype? Ho hum...