Sunday, October 10

Yum Yum

So a new Halal Fried Chicken has opened up in front of South Woodford Station placing it conveniently on the way home for me. I have to say that I've cut down a LOT since having watched Super Size Me (in fact I think that this is the second meal I've had since returning from Bangladesh), but Mum didn't want to cook tonight so I picked up a couple of chicken burger meals on the way home after the film (Guys from Redbridge - they're selling for 1.99 at the mo too).

It was the best chicken burger I've ever had, man. I'm not even gonna attempt to describe what it was like, cos that won't do it any justice.


  1. They're pretty good but the KFC Zinger's gotta take the cake, with that scrummy crispy coating on those spicy succulent fillets... yummm hhmm..

  2. even with decent quality meat itd still be pretty unhealthy... apparently on the side of boxes the actual meat content in frozen burgers/kebabs is given, and is usually below 50%. But hey you only live once, as long as you dont eat em all the time!

  3. Speaking of Zingers, the Favorite (no U... theyre true Americans of course) Fried Chicken I was in yest do a Ringer burger which looks pretty good - someone must have a keen sense of irony. I went for the Fillet of Fire which seems to be the Ringer (still can't get over that name... skill) minus the cheese, and it was officially Not Bad.