Saturday, October 30

The Non-Existent Proof Of God

Does anyone have one? 'Cos I don't think one exists. I have a few HT friends who keep offering them to me, but I never seem to get it. Anyway...

Steve asked me this week if I believed in the Theory of Evolution. As a Christian himself he knew what my answer would be, but I think he was just up for banter anyway. So I obliged, and he then asked: "How can you not when it's so scientifically true?" or somesuch.

The thing is that evolution as a explanation of our origin is almost as difficult to prove as any religion. I mean to an objective person a science GSCE textbook should be as valid source for an idea or opinion as the Quran would be. Of course, not many of us can be particularly objective about the unknown - and if you think about it none of us really can be.

But yeh. I reckon that knowing the certainty of something defies the point of it being a faith. I have faith that what the Quran says is true, just like Steve has faith in Scientific reasoning. Not to say that I'm someone who doesn't appreciate the use of scientific reasoning, oh no, but I'm gonna refuse to override concepts of my theological beliefs with equally unproven "scientific fact" merely because it's presented to me in that way. So yes, I know that if I drop an apple it'll hit the floor at a certain speed, but I'm not so sure that Carbon Dating is an effective way to age objects. Perhaps in the future we'll discover a better model, just like we did with Newton's Laws of Motion?

Moving slightly onward I think that it makes sense that some things can't be proven. This is because that's where the risk, insight and will to choose that each of us uniquely has comes into play. If we had viable proofs for what to believe in then we wouldn't have to apply ourselves in following it. Wouldn't it all be too easy?

Anyway in conclusion I have as much proof that God created us as human as Steve has going for the Theory of Evolution. And yet we both are equally strong in our respective faiths that we're both right. And that's what makes our difference in this the same.

(Except of course, I'm right and he isn't.)


  1. God's presence is tangible in the spiritual realm. but how you do go about 'scientifically' proving this realm exists? and if you cant, are you looking for a physical image of God in order for you to believe in Him? He is The Supreme Being who created us and everything around us. how the hell do we 'scientifically' use His creation to 'prove'(in the physical form as you want evidence of 'Him') He exists? you cant as its not scientifically possible..yet if you look around you, you know that everything you see cannot be explained by mere collision of particals theories.

    wrt this Theory of Evolution - well...imo..its just that..a theory.

  2. GOD ... shall he/she/it or that be defined within one short moment ... take what you wish from the word ... the man ... the woman ... whatever you believe GOD to be and embrace that completely ... living your life as you feel proud ... knowing you are true to yourself and loved ones ... isn't that what ALL THESE GODS would want anyways ... or is the the secret behind all of it CONTROLE ... believe in yourself ... be happy and be proud of who you are and the people you know ... remember to smile!!!

  3. er....someones been taking some happy pills eh? only kidding, its nice to see some overly cheery/happy posts on spammys blog...hope you stick around. (JOKING DEAR!)