Monday, October 4

Unintentional Stalking

I'm sure some guy here will relate: You're walking down a street which happens to be dark, this being that time of the year. Ahead of you is a girl, by herself, walking in the same direction.

Now, maybe I'm alone in this, but I always try not to shadow a girl walking in the same direction as me, y'know, just in case she feels uncomfortable (I've been told that I dress like mugger. Sigh). What usually happens is that I speed up, she gets this, slows down and allows me to pass her, and then we both go back to our normal paces but me in full view of her. I hope you see what I mean.

Some don't get this though. No, they decide to match my pace giving me no chance to be the gentleman that I wish to be. "That's cos she doesn't give a crap about you, Shak! You're not even on her radar, mate!" I hear you cry. Then why did the one today keep looking over her shoulder as if to keep tabs of my position?

So tell me:
a) Am I being overly sensitive here? Or am I right in thinking that some girls may feel intimidated with a guy following a few metres behind in her footsteps?
b) What should I do if she doesn't allow me to fix this? I'm not going to start jogging past her, neither am I going to slow my pace (hey, I want to get home some time, y'know). So, what?
c) Should I even care? I have no intention of doing anything scary etc, so should I just mind my own business since her paranoia is her own issue to deal with, not mine?
d) Are any girls reading impressed with my gallantry yet?

Comments please.


  1. Awww Shaks, your soo sweet such a gentleman.. if only there was more guys like yo.

    Umm to be honest Shak I am one of those who will work faster if a guy is behind me in a dark st.. But usually the guy will slow down or walk normal pace.

    Shak, how come you always a few steps away from each other Can't you slow down or walk ahead first??

    Maybe you should not be soo paranoid.. I mean dont walk up her ass just maintain a safe distance and we are usually okay with this.

  2. You are very right to do so Guys, but some of us girls don't want to wait and hang about to see why your speeding up.. past has taught me otherwise.

    I admit its akward for both parties if they have no bad intentions, but if the girl is going to speed up you don't have a choice.

    If you can cross the road then there's a option. By the way this girl was looking back at you Spamms.. was she baffled by your looks ;op

  3. Girls should seriously not be walking on their own in the dark.

  4. lol@mochano.

    Os, i get yer point man. i wasnt referring to /women/ was i?

    no seriously though, what i do is allow the weirdo from behind to walk past me - and if he doesnt then *i* cross the road and keep looking behind me. or in extreme cases, where i can cross the road or summik, i would prolly run.

    as for Shak, well has anyone thought that this girl might have actually been eyeing him up...?

  5. Truth is that either way a female may be intimidated, but Mocho has a point why not call someone shak, I mean as long as your not chatting anything threatening it may ease the girls mind that your busy.Sofs when I walk at night I usually call someone.. actually that person is usually you.

    I prefer the crossing roads technique too, but shak if you can walk past that girl then that's great.. but you should watch out girls are not so innocent either especially to young innocent looking boys ;op

  6. if shes feeling paranoid already, and keeps looking at him..and then he gets the phone out - well he could be calling his crew...or gangsters or anyone. that might worry the girl more. unless, he made it clear that he - as mochano suggested, was calling hi gran or something. though that might look dodgy too.

    i would be paranoid about using the phone myself sanny. especially in the you could get mugged just for the phone or summink.

  7. bumbles: i was wondering why hes so BIG HEADEDED.. its all thanks to you ;-)