Sunday, October 3

Film: Saw Click for more info

People who know me will tell you that I'm as hard as nails. However, that fact didn't stop Saw from scaring the crap out of me and rest of the cinema audience. Foremost a Scary Ass Movie, Saw is also an example of a brilliantly put together film, from the excellent manner in which the story was told to the way in which the small subtle (yet totally relevant) hints are subconsciously planted in the viewers' minds to the well greased and thought out plot running like clockwork. My belief was totally suspended.

Definitely the most scary film of the year - I mean this flick takes the pee. And due to the way it got me going definitely one of the best films of any genre which I've seen during 2004. Go watch - but just make sure you don't go watch alone.

ADDENDUM: I looked over my shoulder at least five times on the walk home from the station tonight. Bah. At least Steve doesn't have to sleep alone tonight...

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  1. Nope I was frightened by Scream.. I can't stand scarry movies.. esp in cinema with the sound and lighting etc.. I am the worst to take!!!

    After watching scream 2 i refused to go into public toilets alone.. always took a friend with me!