Monday, October 18

You Know You're In Trouble When...

... Your mum tells you to check out (or whatever it is).

So I got a grilling this weekend. Well not really a grilling, more of an inquisition. Again I was asked if I had a secret bint on the side, and again I denied it. But differently this time the conversation actually went on to what I was doing about it.

Of course, I'm not. Doing anything, that is. My SIL then asked me for a list of the things I wanted from a girl. But how do I do this without making it look like what any other guy wants? Heck I think I'm less fussy than most - I don't care about height or complexion and stuff like that and the typical gender roles aren't that much of a consideration either. Ok, she has to be able to fit into my trousers, but that's a practical consideration more than anything else ("Be gentle - I'm fragile"). Other than that, I'm lost as to what to put in this list I'm supposed to have other than the redundant "decent, caring, intelligent" hoo-haa.

Maybe I don't like this idea of lists or wife specification. Hardly romantic, right? Although maybe I'm just lazy - Software specs are boring to create too. Or maybe the things I want from a woman can't be written down or selected from a drop down list on

Hold up. Did I just compare women to software? Hmm... Moving on quickly...

It's at times like these I wonder if people who do the whole dating thing have an advantage over those that choose not to - if anyone should know what they want and what they don't its them. Don't get me wrong - I don't regret living my life as I did, but they might have a practical case at least.

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