Wednesday, October 6

"Pop Quiz, Hot Shot..."

So, I was stuck at Green Park on the Victoria Line for 20 minutes this morning due to "smoldering on the track". We were given the all clear and I continued with my delayed journey... But a few things didn't add up.

1) The problem was on the Northbound, and I was heading south.
2) I found out after that other lines (Jubilee and Piccadilly) were also suspended.
3) We were not allowed out at Green Park, and the doors of the train were not opened.
4) We were given the all clear to continue our journey after only 20 minutes, which seems not long seeing we stopped for "smouldering tracks".
5) There are rumours abound that the police as well as fire services were involved.

Hmm. Yet the usual suspect packages are usually handled much faster than what I had experienced this morning. So, am I being paranoid or not? Watch this space...

1 comment:

  1. may have just been a dodgy rail widget sputtering its last breath... cough cough

    it's smouldering btw...