Monday, October 18

Deadlines Rock!

Some of you know that Steve left for Shanghai on Saturday, delegating all his work to me for the week that he is away. Since month end was last week, most of the important deadliney stuff should have been put to bed before he went, however one report had been postponed till today. For me.

We stepped through it all on Friday and it seemed pretty simple, but of course on the day Sod's Law intervened. That's right guys, the crap hit the fan.

So there I was running around like a headless chicken reverse engineering Steve's handiwork, and then trying to enter new static data into the database, then finding I had to reformat the report since it spilled over to page 3 - all while the clock was ticking. My heart was racing.

Fortunately I managed it (I wouldn't have time to blog otherwise). Further, I'm not sure I've felt so alive since uni and it's deadlines. Erm... Not that I ever handed in coursework later than a day before it was due, of course. But yeh, who'd have thought all I needed to be happy was hard work, eh?

Oh, and Steve? You suck.

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  1. LOL.. thats actually a good idea.. might get shak of his lazy ass and actually find a wifey ;op