Thursday, October 7


So like other financial workplaces (well, I've heard that it's different up North), the tradition here is to bring IN cakes and sweeties. So I thought it'd be nice if I brought in a box of mithai and dished them out after lunch.

Lucky I haven't yet. Mr Big Shot Trader decided to bring in FOUR boxes of Krispy Kremes to share between us which will totally overshadow my pitiful offering. No one here 'cept Steve knows it's my birthday so I'll just keep quiet.

Oh, and the doughnuts are sublime btw. In fact I think I'll have two...


  1. We usually bring in a cake ;o)

    Shaksy where's my sweets.. not fair I want!!!!

    Tantrum time

  2. BTW if you let slip about your birthday you may just get a slopppy kiss of the girls ;op

  3. Slice up the barfis into four/eights depending on their original size, and then hand em round as tea time sweets - since they're all doughnutted out no-one'll want to have too many and ruin their diet anyway!
    Innovation, delivered...